2021 GolfStar Family

Meet our 2021 GolfStar Family -- Nicole, Baby Henry and Josh

Before they even began their lives together as a married couple, Josh and Nicole talked about adopting a child. Adoption was already a part of their families with several family members having a personal connection to adoption. Little did they know at the time that adoption would ultimately be the gift that enabled them to create their family.

After trying unsuccessfully to become parents, they began to actively consider adoption. After their first adoption failed, the couple turned to Volunteers of America. Once they met the social worker with Volunteers of America, they knew they were in the right place to create their family. The agency seemed to be the missing piece they were trying to find during their journey to become parents. Then one day they received the call that would change their lives. “Seeing all his curly hair, we knew from that moment we saw him that he was our son and we had been waiting for him," Nicole said, about meeting Henry for the first time. "We knew he was the one from the moment we saw him.”

Another “meant to be moment” was when they shared the name Henry with the birth parents they realized that the name Henry had significance to the birth parents. It was the birth father’s middle name as well as his father’s name. Josh and Nicole look forward to the day that they can share with their son the special multiple meanings behind his name as well as the immense love his birth parents had for him in deciding for Josh and Nicole to be his parents.

“We’ve always wanted to adopt," Josh said. "We talked about it early on. We thought we may adopt after having one or two children of our own, but that’s not the way life ended up. So it was an easy decision to choose adoption, and we’re glad we did.”

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