2022 GolfStar Family


Meet our 2022 GolfStar Family -- Kristine, Matt, and Baby Anton

Kristine and Matt wanted to be parents, but knew when they were married, they could not have children on their own. A friend told them about Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana’s Adoption and Maternity program, and felt reassured after speaking with Lori Arceneaux, the program manager. “It’s not if you get a baby, but when,” Lori said. They were all in, hard at work as GolfStar Classic committee members, when suddenly, in February 2020, they received a call while at a Mardi Gras party. They had been selected by a woman who had given birth to a baby boy. Kristine and Matt called him their "Mardi Gras Miracle.”

Kristine and Matt met baby Anton in the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital, where he remained for one month due to complications at birth. They were with him round the clock, and it was during that time that Kristine and Matt’s friends and family were busy painting and setting up the nursery in their home. Matt chuckled, “It really does take a village.”

The new family of three were home for five days when the COVID-19 lockdown hit. Kristine shared that the silver lining to the quarantine was that it allowed Matt and her time to bond with Anton.

Today, Anton is a healthy young boy, and his best friends are his two dogs and one cat! Kristine and Matt tell us that Anton likes climbing (sometimes to their frustration), nature walks, and Go-Go’s (otherwise know as busses and trains)! They admit that Anton has no fear and is very inquisitive.

Matt says he’s already started training Anton to be a committed Saint’s fan!

This story, like many of the thousands of other forever family stories we share, prove that they were truly meant to be, and it is only possible with your support.

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