A Message from Our President/CEO

A Message from our President/CEO

Little Things Mean Everything To America's Most Vulnerable

Every little bit helps.

In today’s world, where bigger seems better, the idea of small things making a difference may sound outdated. Not at Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana. We take every bit of support, every hour of volunteering, and every financial gift and turn them into life-changing help for more than 54,000 people in need.

This was especially true last year. Government grants remain our biggest funding source. Yet there’s always a significant difference between what grants cover and what it takes to serve vulnerable people well. Our donors made the difference. You ensured we had no gaps in service for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, veterans in crisis, adoptive families, at-risk youth, children with incarcerated parents and more.

Last year you did even more. You helped restore state funding to community services for people with disabilities. If you were part of the outpouring of calls and emails to legislators that turned the tide, thank you.

We appreciate you if you participated in a fund-raising event. Our Reach for the Stars breakfast, GolfStar Classic for Adoption and Maternity, and our Christmas Wish drive to give people we serve a holiday gift—all sparked essential support and countless smiles.

Your support helped launch new programs. We’re now helping young victims of sexual exploitation and helping reconnect soon-to-be-released incarcerated young fathers with their families. We’re also protecting elderly victims of financial abuse.

Your support will help us continue to do great things with programs that have received renewed funding. This includes our acclaimed Veterans Services program, our Residential Re-entry program for prisoners and new block grants for affordable housing.

How is Volunteers of America able to do so much with your gifts? One reason is our skilled, committed staff. Our employees remain the “heart and soul” of our mission because of how well they serve others.

We hope you are as inspired as we are about the impact Volunteers of America makes in our communities. If you aren’t involved, join us. Your support, no matter how big or small, can mean everything in the life of a person in need.

James M. LeBlanc

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