Star Ambassadors

Being a Star Ambassador is as simple as inviting your friends to breakfast.
We'll do the rest.

Star Ambassadors volunteer to share their passion for Volunteers of America's mission with friends and family throughout the year. Invite your guests to see our work in action at #ExperienceWhy Opportunities and host a table at our culmination Reach for the Stars Breakfast held in May where life-changing funds are raised for our programs. Your efforts will give hope and opportunity to the people who need our help.

  • As a Star Ambassador, will I have to sell tickets to the Reach for the Stars Breakfast?

    No. Unlike many fundraising events, attending our annual Breakfast is absolutely FREE for you and the guests you invite.

  • As a Star Ambassador, is there a minimum amount of money I need to raise?

    No. As a Star Ambassador, your job is not to fundraise for us! At no point will you need to ask the people at your table for money. Your role is simply to invite friends who you think would be moved by the work of Volunteers of America. Although this is a fundraiser, there is no minimum contribution required. You and your guests should give solely based on how moved you are by our presentation and how passionate you are for our mission. Although there's no minimum contribution required to attend, your guests should know in advance that they will be asked to give as a part of the program. We'll give you the talking points you need to make this clear.

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Check out our LIBRARY OF RESOURCES for Star Ambassadors below. Each link provides specific information on how you can engage friends, family, and colleagues to support our Reach for the Stars Campaign.

Additional questions? Call or email Caitlin Scanlan at or 504-486-8686.