16-Year-Old Philanthropist Earns International Award

Do you believe wealth, age and influence are prerequisites for becoming a philanthropist? Not true.

Volunteers of America friend and supporter, 16-year-old Princeton Carter, has been recognized as the 2014 Bob Carter Companies Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Individual, by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

Carter, a Newman High School student, inspires us all. A chance meeting with a homeless veteran just before the 2010 holidays set his course. Moved by this veteran’s plight, Carter led a collection drive for gift cards at his school for homeless and other veterans in need. Carter called the non-profit he created My Brother's Keeper Newman. Then, he and his family chose to partner with Volunteers of America over the next two years. Overall, they have presented more than $11,000 in gift cards to our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program, which in turn supply them to veterans in need.

“I’ve learned I can’t fix the world’s problems alone, but together we can make it a little bit better,” he explains. “I’ve realized that I can step up, do my part and inspire others to work together to help solve the many challenges we are facing in our communities.”

Carter has done even more. In 2014, he established Volunteers of America’s Youth Leadership Council with the help of our President/CEO Jim LeBlanc. Through the Council, teens work with adults and peers to increase community understanding and volunteer to help low-income seniors.

This young philanthropist remains active in charities through his school and its Action Committee for Community Service. He is also focused on furthering the work of My Brother’s Keeper Newman, in order to make the world a better place, one meal at a time.