Angelique Koenig Brightening The Lives Of Seniors

The heroes of Volunteers of America are the volunteers. Our organization couldn’t serve people in need without the essential contributions of our volunteers. Last year, more than 750 volunteers gave their time and energies to those we serve. One of those is Angelique Koenig.

Volunteering weekly for more than a year at the Terraces on Tulane affordable housing development, Koenig is working towards her masters in social work at Tulane University and plans to pursue a career in elderly services. Volunteering at the Terraces enables her to help others in need and gives her great career preparation. She reaches out to residents in a variety of ways—helping them tidy up, checking their mail and handling home projects difficult for seniors.

Koenig says it’s satisfying to help seniors with tasks, but the personal connections make volunteering enjoyable.

“She’s a good listener, a sweet, sweet girl, and a wonderful person,” said resident Barbara Steiner. “We talk about our pets and girl things like shopping. And, before she leaves she always asks if there is anything else that she can do for me!” Thank you, Angela, for all you do to help seniors.