Barrouquere Family

Before Jim and I married, we knew we would probably not have children the "natural way" because of the health risk to my body. Because we waited until we were over 30 years old to marry, we decided it would not be worth the risk to try to conceive a child given my medical circumstances. 

We were not even aware that Volunteers of America's Adoption program existed or that anyone still did domestic adoptions until one of Jim's co-workers adopted a child. We made the call to Volunteers of America and promptly completed all applications. We felt we were not quite ready for a baby (Jim was still in school) but we felt that it would be in our best interest to "get on the list." Neither of us expected to have a baby in 2000. In a few months we were informed we were about to be new adoptive parents. Our first thought was, "This is such bad timing." In fact, this turned out to be quite the opposite. 

Anna came into this world, and our lives have not been the same since. We had no idea of the vast capacity for love we could have for another human being. The timing was actually perfect because Jim was able to come home during the day to be with her. I guess God knew what the best timing was for us! 

We are grateful that everything happened so fast, but also feel a little guilty knowing that some couples wait a long time. We are also grateful to Volunteers of America for helping us with Anna. 

When we tell others that we adopted a child, the first question usually is, "From what country?" We are  impressed with the extent of counseling provided and that Volunteers of America takes care of the interests of adoptive parents and birth parents. We now believe that open adoption makes sense and fosters trust on both sides.