Hurricane Can’t Hinder Adoption

August 29, 2005, was to be a special day for Michael and Yvette of Destrehan. They were to meet a birthmother in Volunteers of America’s Adoption and Maternity program who had selected them as adoptive parents for her newborn daughter.

Of course, the hurricane canceled everything. Baby Alyssa, who was in a receiving home awaiting the adoption, evacuated safely with the receiving home mother to Monroe. The birthmother went to Texas. Michael and Yvette were in a state of worry. Despite spotty communication, Adoption and Maternity Social Worker Lori Arceneaux North finally contacted all parties and, with everyone’s consent, arranged for the adoption to be completed in Monroe. Michael and Yvette joyously traveled there to meet their daughter three weeks after the hurricane—a miracle considering the obstacles.

Soon afterward, Volunteers of America committed to keeping the Adoption and Maternity program active in New Orleans, allowing more children and parents to experience the joy of becoming families.

First printed in the 2005-2006 Annual Report