Ninth Grader Moved By Homeless Veterans Steps Forward

Many of us see persons who are homeless and feel sorry for them. Princeton Carter, ninth grader at Newman School, did much more.

He noticed that one of the homeless men under a bridge near the Superdome carried a sign saying he was a veteran. Looking closer, Princeton saw that the man also was displaying an ID that proved he had served.

Princeton knew he had to help. After brainstorming, he decided that feeding veterans in crisis would make a real difference. He planned a community service project called “My Brother’s Keeper Newman.” Rouse’s grocery gift cards were soon part of the plan. Princeton began asking other Newman students and parents for help. The school’s Action Committee, focused on community service, also jumped into action and recruited more supporters. Before long, Princeton had 50 $100 gift cards for groceries.

This is where Volunteers of America enters the story. Princeton learned that our organization serves veterans in a variety of ways, including the Support Services for Veterans Families programs. This effort stabilizes formerly homeless veterans who are rebuilding their lives. It helps them unite and take care of their families. As a result of Princeton’s generous donation, supported by the Newman School community, many veterans and their families were being fed and loved. His commitment to help has made a huge difference in the lives of those who served our country.