Scott Songy—Man With Disabilities Learns To Use Abilities

Scott Songy was a healthy active young man, a high school football and baseball star who worked with his family’s appliance business in Metairie. Then, suddenly, at age 20, his life was altered forever.

On a trip to Pensacola Beach, a big wave flipped him over and knocked his head into the ocean floor. Songy was paralyzed from the neck down. His injury required 67 days of intensive care unit treatment. His devoted family was by his side, and, when he was released, he moved into his parents’ home. His mother became his caregiver. Songy was devastated and stayed inside for two years.

After several years, Songy’s mother realized she needed help in caring for her son. The state’s disabilities service program connected the family to Volunteers of America. Our Supported Living Services Program provides support to persons with disabilities like Songy to help them live as independently as possible.

Volunteers of America provided Songy a personal care attendant named Daniel to help with his daily needs. Daniel comes to Songy’s home daily to help him get ready for the day. Daniel also gets Songy out of the house and helps with his medical needs. He also has improved Songy’s outlook and helped him see that he can live a meaningful life with his disabilities. Songy no longer stays inside. In fact, he has new interests, including starting a company called Cajun Custom Chairs, which creates personalized wheelchairs that, in his words, “make life in a wheelchair cool.” Without our Supported Living Services program, Songy and his parents would still be overwhelmed by his disability. Now, he is able to live his life to the fullest.