World Changers, Youth Reach Out To Seniors

In June, we partnered with an organization called World Changers and 250 students from across the country to build wheelchair ramps and complete minor home repairs for 20 low-income or disabled senior homeowners in Jefferson Parish.

All materials and supplies for the project were provided by the Jefferson Parish Department of Community Development. This partnership brought multiple benefits, some more tangible than others. To improve the lives of seniors we serve, some young people completed construction projects, others painted, pressurewashed and cleared yards.

One of the beneficiaries, senior homeowner, Ms. Dupard, said, “Without these wonderful kids none of the work at my house would have ever gotten done. This is truly the work of the Lord.” In some cases, the companionship the young people provided was most valuable. The seniors thoroughly enjoyed the students’ energy and laughter. The youth reported they enjoyed the time spent talking and listening to their older friends as well.