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  • Teen With Intellectual Disabilities Cheers

    Taylor, a 16-year-old with intellectual disabilities, moved into our Olympia Community Home two years ago. Taylor’s father, a single parent, was raising her, but his job often took him offshore, and he felt Taylor needed greater care than he could provide.

  • Rachel, Andy, and Baby Laurel

    What brings couples to our Adoption Program? The great desire to love and parent a child of their own.

  • Beautiful Things Happen When You Look At Abilities Not Disabilities

    Volunteers of America helps people with intellectual disabilities by focusing on their abilities. We believe in emphasizing what people can do rather than what they can’t.

  • Veteran Blooms Where He’s Planted

    Rickey, an Army veteran who served in West Germany during the 1980s, is no stranger to challenges. Following his military service, he tried a number of vocational pursuits—carpenter, welder, even deckhand—finally settling into driving a taxicab in 2003. About a year ago, a hunting accident severely injured Rickey’s foot.

  • New Family Created Through Foster Care Adoption

    Ana and her parents Lori and Ryan North traveled a long road on the way to becoming a family. But on March 25, it was all official. A judge officially recognized the bonds they had already forged in their hearts.

  • Volunteers Come Long Distances To Help Build Community

    Volunteers from around the country are traveling to our community to help seniors stay safer in their homes. In March, Volunteers of America hosted volunteers from Faith Lutheran Church, Madison, Minn., and Kingman Mennonite Church, Kingman, Kan.

  • Lighthouse Helps Raise Grades, Confidence

    Victoria, an introverted seventh grader, has been on the verge of failure for several years. Despite her teachers’ efforts to get her motivated and engaged, Victoria had a D average.

  • Will Finds His Forever Family At Age 7

    Will, a local eight-year-old with eager eyes and a winning smile, looks like most boys his age. Yet his life has been very different.

  • A Son Tells His Family’s Story

    My name is Hans Fleming. I’m 11 years old and live in Metairie. I’d like to tell you about my family. My dad’s name is Ken and my mom is Frieda.

  • How Do Families Of Children With Disabilities Cope? With Support From Volunteers of America

    Aidan, the first child of a local family, was greatly anticipated. His parents did all they could to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth. But unexpected complications set in, and Aidan was born four months early, weighing one pound, three ounces. He survived, but with many disabilities.