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  • Protecting Seniors Like Ms. Cecilia

    Ms. Cecilia, an 84-year-old widow, lives alone. She loves children, and though she had none of her own, she cared for many nieces and nephews and is a valued person in their lives.

  • Overachiever Wins His Toughest Battle

    When Jeffrey graduated from Brother Martin High School, he was an overachiever with a 4.0 average. His future seemed limitless.

  • Ninth Grader Moved By Homeless Veterans Steps Forward

    Many of us see persons who are homeless and feel sorry for them. Princeton Carter, ninth grader at Newman School, did much more.

  • Story of a Birth Mother

    I was 22 when I learned of my pregnancy. Terrified would be a good adjective to describe my reaction. I shed many tears. I was in a state of confusion and turned to every possible source for an answer as to what I should do. I myself was adopted at birth and weighed this option as one of my choices.

  • A Mother Listens To Her Heart

    My name is Shannon, and I placed my daughter, Paige Victoria, for adoption through Volunteers of America. I found the program through the phone book, and I chose them because of the caring response that I received over the phone.

  • Barrouquere Family

    Before Jim and I married, we knew we would probably not have children the "natural way" because of the health risk to my body. Because we waited until we were over 30 years old to marry, we decided it would not be worth the risk to try to conceive a child given my medical circumstances.

  • Donor Profile: Romi Gonzalez, III

    First Vice President, Wealth Management,
 Financial Planning Specialist, The Spiro Group, 
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

    Volunteers of America's work with veterans in crisis touched Romi Gonzalez. As a first-time guest at Volunteers of America's annual Reach For The Stars Breakfast, Gonzalez was impressed by a veteran who spoke to the group about how our Veterans Transitional Housing Program saved his life.