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  • Housing Services

    Since 2006, Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana has been creating homes for seniors and families throughout Louisiana.

  • Disability Services

    Volunteers of America is a leader in helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live independent, meaningful lives.

  • Choosing Adoption: Katelyn's Story

    When Katelyn became pregnant at a young age, she didn't know what to do. Volunteers of America's adoption program gave her an option to ensure her son would have the best life possible.

  • Overcoming Hopelessness: Patsy's Story

    Patsy struggled with depression, but Volunteers of America helped her overcome her struggles.

  • Living Independently: Brittney's Life with Volunteers of America

    Brittney came to Volunteers of America when she was 11 years old to live in your Community Living Services program.

  • Feeding Young Minds: Fresh Food Factor offers a healthy start to school day

    Volunteers of America’s Fresh Food Factor ensures that local schoolchildren start their school day with a healthy breakfast and lunch. Cruz is just one of the thousands of school children who enjoy nutritious meals each day to nourish their mind, body and souls.

  • Mentor of Hope: Dominque offers unique bond with Region and Reign

    ​Dominque is a mentor with Volunteers of America’s Mentoring Children of Promise Program. The program offers mentoring services to at-risk youth and youth with a parent incarcerated. Dominque is a key figure in the lives of her mentees, Region and Reign, to help ensure they can overcome life’s struggles.

  • Eugene’s Journey: Living Independently with Volunteers of America

    Eugene came to Volunteers of America more than 30 years ago after his mother could no longer provide him with the proper care. Thanks to our Supported Living Services Program, Eugene is able to live a full, independent life.

  • Living Independently: Brothers find home with Volunteers of America

    Robert and Joseph, brothers with intellectual disabilities, have been living together with Volunteers of America for more than 25 years. Volunteers of America's Community Living Services stepped in when their mother could no longer care for them. Our Community Living Services Program offers persons with intellectual disabilities a chance to live independent, happy lives.

  • Making a Home: How a little help allowed Charles to stay in his home

    Charles was like many older adults living on a fixed income. He needed help to make repairs to his home of more than 30 years, and Volunteers of America stepped to ensure that Charles could keep living a happy, safe life in his home.