Harry Bradley’s Transformation through Supportive Housing

At Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana, we believe in second chances and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Harry Bradley’s story exemplifies this mission. Written by his case manager, Kasey Tassain, this is a story of resilience and the transformative power of supportive housing.

Harry had faced significant challenges, having been evicted twice due to financial difficulties from living on a very tight fixed income. Life was a constant uphill battle, and managing his expenses was overwhelming. Harry was evicted and on the street and he came to Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana with no stable place to call home. He desperately needed a guiding hand. He needed a friend. He needed Kasey.

Harry and Kasey learned how to budget and prioritize his expenses on his fixed income and by paying his bills on time. He took control of his financial obligations slowly and has maintained his housing for the past seven months. Helping consumers like Harry is what we do. It’s a vital part of our mission.

Harry’s story is not just one of overcoming financial hardship but also of the profound impact that we have on individuals seeking a fresh start. We continue to ensure that no one is left behind on their journey to self sufficiency.

As Harry’s case manager, I provided guidance on budgeting and followed up with him monthly to confirm that he had paid all his financial obligations, including rent and utilities,” Kasey explains. “I knew Harry had the potential to turn things around with the right support.

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