How Do Families Of Children With Disabilities Cope? With Support From Volunteers of America

Aidan, the first child of a local family, was greatly anticipated. His parents did all they could to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth. But unexpected complications set in, and Aidan was born four months early, weighing one pound, three ounces. He survived, but with many disabilities.

At age six, Aidan is non-verbal, unable to sit or walk on his own and has impaired vision in one eye. Aidan will always need care and support. He is fortunate to have a loving family and Volunteers of America on his side. Aidan lives at home with his family, attends school, enjoys activities and plays with his sibling.

Our Supported Living Services helps Aidan and his family by giving them expert help with his daily activities. Our staff goes to his home to give his parents the extra hands and expertise needed to care for a child with disabilities. Without this support, their lives would be challenging and difficult.

Helping children with disabilities is one of our most vital services. We work to ensure that every child, whatever their abilities, receives compassionate care and help to fulfill their potential. Aidan and his family shows how essential this care can be. If you’re interested in helping our programs for children with disabilities, let us know. 

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