Search and Reunion Services

Resources Available

Louisiana law prohibits adoption agencies from disclosing identifying information about an adoption to either party without permission. Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana can provide birth parents, adoptive parents, and individuals that were adopted with the non-identifying information which would include any available medical information. Please keep in mind that the medical information we will likely have on file is information from the time of your adoption. The only way we would have more up-to-date information is if the birth mother updated us with any changes in her medical history.

Request for Information:

We must receive all requests in writing. Please email us your full name, your date of birth, and your adoptive parents’ names. Also, please attach a copy of your photo identification. This can be emailed to

Search and Reunion Process:

The Louisiana Voluntary Adoption Registry is a voluntary registry for birth parents, adopted persons, and birth siblings. If you are interested, you may contact the registry and request a packet to register with them. Their number is 888-524-3578. Or, you can access the forms online at

The Louisiana Voluntary Registry is a mutual voluntary registry which requires a birth parent, the adopted person, and/or a sibling to mutually register for a reunion to be facilitated.

DNA Testing Sites:

DNA testing sites have changed the way adoptees and birth parents can connect with each other. Some individuals pursue this option with sites such as Ancestry23&me, etc. as an option to connect with possible relatives via DNA comparison.

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