Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing To Prevent Homelessness

Permanent Supportive Housing

Care coordination and intensive case management services are available for homeless individuals with a significant, qualifying long-term disability. This program specializes in intervention and advocacy for people who have difficulty living successfully in communities and may become homeless or institutionalized without support. Care coordination assists with outlining goals that lead to self-sufficiency, while focusing on each individual’s strengths, interests and abilities, rather than their disability. An array of services is available to individuals including money management, employment search, developing social networks and health and mental health referrals.

Single Room Occupancy

Single-room, income-based permanent housing is available in Orleans Parish for men and women in substance-abuse recovery that are experiencing homelessness. This program provides service coordination in a stable environment with skilled staff to encourage growth, independence and self-confidence to rejoin the community.

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