Veterans Transitional Housing

Helping Rebuild Lives For Homeless Heroes

The transitional housing program for homeless male Veterans provides a combination of counseling for substance abuse, access to housing, intensive care coordination and support services.

This program provides more than shelter. The 24-month program offers veterans intensive case management, support services, and treatment. The staff work with veterans individually to help them develop a plan to put their lives back together. After residents are stabilized, they contribute a portion of their income as rent. They also save a percentage to have a reserve for expenses when they complete and move out of the program into permanent housing.

For more information, call (504) 899-1116.

From Homelessness to Hope: Veteran Barry shares the story of how he found hope after homelessness thanks to Volunteers of America’s Veterans Transitional Housing program.

Those that Volunteers of America serves in this program have a high rate of success in rebuilding their lives. More than 78 percent achieve the target outcome of residential stability, increased skill/income level and greater self-determination. But more importantly, 70 percent are still in permanent housing after 12 months.


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