2024 Vantage Point Breakfast

At this year’s Vantage Point Breakfast formerly named Reach for The Stars Breakfast, held on April 24 at the Audubon Tea Room, attendees experienced a significant change from previous events. What made this gathering different was the deliberate inclusion of consumers and staff at every stage of the program. As guests settled into their seats, they found themselves amidst individuals whose lives had been profoundly impacted by Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana (VOA SELA).

This change from tradition was about bridging the gap between narratives shared and lived experiences. The presence of consumers added authenticity and depth to the event, offering firsthand perspectives on the tangible effects of VOA southeast Louisiana’s programs and services.

One of the speakers showcased the powerful impact of VOA SELA through their own life story. From facing challenges to achieving success, their journey mirrored our mission of providing hope and healing. Another speaker, driven by personal experiences and key moments, discussed their decision to devote their career to VOA’s service. They highlighted the significance of “Mission Moments,” which drive individuals to create positive change.

Throughout the breakfast, attendees heard from a diverse range of voices, including those directly impacted by our work. Their stories, marked by resilience and perseverance, served as a powerful reminder of the real-world impact of our mission, prompting guests to deepen their engagement with the organization’s initiatives.

The event concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment among attendees. The departure from traditional formats allowed for a more authentic and inclusive experience, fostering a greater sense of community and collaboration. As attendees departed, they carried with them not only a sense of gratitude for hearing these stories but also a renewed dedication to supporting VOA’s mission.

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