Vantage Point Breakfast

April 24, 2024
7:45 a.m.- Registration | 8:00-9:15 a.m. – Program
RSVP is required
Audubon Tea Room
6500 Magazine St, New Orleans

We cordially invite you to our annual charitable event Vantage Point Breakfast (RSVP is required) and discover opportunities to make a difference in your community. Gain insights into over 30 Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana programs available and spread the word among your friends.

If you’re inspired by what you see, join our Vantage Point Breakfast Giving Society (V3) that provides essential, sustainable funding for programs. Share a compassionate Vision towards helping to improve the lives of others. Vocalize that the programs and performance of Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana have been beneficial in improving the most vulnerable in the community. Volunteering mindset when participating in organization activities.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Vantage Point Breakfast Giving Society

The Vantage Point Breakfast Giving Society is made up of individuals, foundations and businesses who have pledged a significant commitment of $1,000 or more over five years to Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana.

Vantage Point Breakfast Giving Levels:

Your generosity ensures the continuous support of our programs, enabling us to assist individuals in the communities we serve without ever having to turn someone away. As champions for change, Society Members lay the foundation of possibility for those in need.

Want to Pledge your support?

Call or email Michelle Hebert at or (504) 486-8697.

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