Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana Serves Up Success at First Pickleball Tournament: “Pickleball for Programs”

We recently volleyed into new territory by hosting our inaugural pickleball tournament, “Pickleball for Programs.” The event, designed to rally community support and awareness of our diverse array of over 30 programs, saw enthusiastic participation from both novice and seasoned players.

The tournament’s structure was as strategic as a perfect drop shot. We categorized our programs into six groups, allowing teams to select the cause they wanted to play for. The categories were:

  • Veterans Services
  • Mentoring Children of Promise
  • Family Focused Recovery Program
  • Adoption and Maternity Program
  • Intellectual Disability Program
  • Behavioral Health Program

With 36 teams taking to the six courts, the day was filled with dinks, lobs, and smashes as players of all skill levels competed for their chosen programs. The excitement was palpable, with participants rallying not just for points but for the causes they passionately supported.

Match Highlights and Winners

As the matches progressed from round-robin play to the finals, the competition heated up, culminating in some thrilling rallies. The winners, who demonstrated exceptional skill and sportsmanship, were:

  • 1st Place: Jarred Hirstius and Jakob Murray, serving aces for Veterans Services
  • 2nd Place: Kerry Ranson and Kevin Lauren, executing perfect volleys for Veterans Services
  • 3rd Place: Nick LaCour and Patrick West, also representing the Intellectual Disability Program with finesse
  • 4th Place: Tom Kehn and Taylor Reinhard, slicing their way to success for Mentoring Children of Promise

The tournament wasn’t just about fierce competition; it was a celebration of community and commitment to the mission of Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana. The joy of seeing players come together, each rally reinforcing their support for VOASELA’s programs, was the true highlight of the event.


Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana extends a heartfelt thank you to our incredible sponsors: Gallagher, Baptist Community Ministries, Carubba Engineering, and Stonehenge Capital. Your support was the perfect assist, helping make this event a smashing success.

The “Pickleball for Programs” tournament was more than just a game; it was a day of unity, fun, and fierce dedication to the causes VOASELA champions. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated, making this event a memorable one. We look forward to many more opportunities to engage the community and serve our mission with the same spirit and enthusiasm. Thank you for being part of our team, and we can’t wait to see you on the court next year!

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