Creating Forever Families For Over 75 Years

Consider Adoption As An Option

Since 1942, Volunteers of America’s Adoption Program has helped create thousands of loving families through adoption.

As a licensed adoption agency, Volunteers of America works with birth parents and adoptive parents through all aspects of adoption – offering openness in adoption, assistance with accessing medical care, free counseling and follow-up support.

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Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a confusing and overwhelming time for many women. Volunteers of America provides free, confidential counseling to assist expectant mothers in understanding pregnancy options and making the best choice for their baby.
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  • photo of pregnant woman's stomach

    A Birth Mother's Story

    I was 22 when I learned of my pregnancy. Terrified would be a good adjective to describe my reaction. I shed many tears. I was in a state of confusion and turned to every possible source for an answer as to what I should do. I myself was adopted at birth and weighed this option as one of my choices.

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  • photo of Jim and Cathy Barrouquere

    Story of Adoptive Family

    Before Jim and I married, we knew we would probably not have children the "natural way" because of the health risk to my body. Because we waited until we were over 30 years old to marry, we decided it would not be worth the risk to try to conceive a child given my medical circumstances.

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  • Photo of birth mother Katelyn

    Story of Openness in Adoption

    When Katelyn became pregnant at a young age, she didn't know what to do. Volunteers of America's adoption program gave her an option to ensure her son would have the best life possible.

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